Saturday, January 16, 2010

Final Results

It was a fun night with some great friends..As you can see the black and white napkin was the most popular one to use..They came out great...I actually love the floral printed one the best...They were easy to make...waiting between each varnish was the longest part of all...
Here is how to make them..
list of items needed...
napkins..Tuesday Morning has the best selection
tiles..I use the cheap 16 cent ones
modge podge
felt for bottom
1. decide the pattern of the napkin for the tile...
2. Spread modge podge on the top of the tile.
3. Place the napkin on the tile.
4. Smooth out the wrinkles on the napkin, tile.
5. Let dry for about 5 minutes
6. Tear the rest of the napkin off so that only the top of the tile has the pattern. If you don't like how it turned out, this is the point where you can wash of the napkin and start over.
7. once the napkin is dry on the tile, spread polyurethane over the this three times so that it is well coated.
8. Place felt underneath..I put little self adhesive felt circles underneath from Lowes.

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Robin said...

Can you put instructions on here how to do these. I would love to make some of those as gifts. I like the floral one too. Gorgeous.