Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pasta con Ricotta Salata

This is the easiest pasta salad to throw together....
5 roma tomatoes
1box of pasta
handfull of basil
8 ounces of Ricotta's a semi-hard cheese found in the import deli section
olive oil
cook pasta according to package..We love Barilla in this house.. drain the pasta and mix in a little bit of olive oil...put in frig to cool the mean time grate the cheese and cut up the tomatoes and basil..When the pasta has cooled down, toss everything together adding more olive oil to your taste....Finito!

Spaghetti alla tonno....

Tuna Spaghetti
Since serving my mission in Italy I have loved cooking Italian..Thank goodness the family loves eating it....

2 tbl of olive oil

one small onion..diced

1 can of tuna in olive oil ( makes it moister)

1 28 ounce can of pureed tomatoes..( I do whole tomatos and pure them in the food processor)

1 teaspoon of salt

2 tbls of dried italian herbs

1 package of spaghetti...

boil salted water for the the mean time heat up the oil in a sauce pan...When oil is hot throw in the diced onion.. saute till golden brown..then add the pureed tomatoes ,the can of tuna, the salt, and the herbs..let simmer for 15minutes...With the pasta follow the directions on the box..I don't put olive oil in the pot for the spaghetti..Once ready, drain, and mix with tomato sauce...Add grated Parmesan cheese and you are ready...Buena!
hint..I take a couple of onions, peel off their skin and throw toss them in the food processor..I then freeze them in individual ice cube trays..once frozen I place them in a freezer bag and just grab one cube when needed.

re-do re-do

I reupholstered the ottoman then hated it and reupholstered it again after painting it white..much better...

I was going to make a card with this paper but when I put it down I saw Christmas..I's too early to be doing crafts for Christmas but I just couldn't help the imspiration flow....

Monday, August 10, 2009


I love taking pictures of old style homes..especially doors..Europe is a perfect palate for my love..

paper flowers

I fell in love with these paper flowers when they were featured on!...So I just had to make my own..These two were done for Baby showers.. and now I have some scattered around the house...

Runner Curtain

This is something I did a couple of years ago and still use in my laundry room window..I fell in love with this table runner at April Cornell and knew right away how great it would look as a curtain..Just glued some ribbon and buttons on top and down... How easy.....

Friday, August 7, 2009


I was sick of the ottoman's fabric..The kids had put a hole in it and the skirt was always falling down...I'm not a pro yet on my sewing skills...The above photo is the ottoman before and the ones below are the after..It was hard doing the corners since the legs don't come off...It's a rich golden yellow with red accents..goes great with the couch...and it only cost me $10..Jo-Ann's was having a 60% off sale...